How to Give a Good PreZENtation

I just finished a video titled “How to Give a Good PreZentation” that I am providing a link for here.

I developed this video along with colleague Pete McCauley as an educational technology project for the College of Education & Human Development at the University of Minnesota. I wanted to provide an accessible format and practical tips which may help anyone interested in becoming a better presenter.

There are also some great books on designing and delivering presentations, presentationzen and presentationzen DESIGN, slide:ology.

Feedback welcome as I hope to do Part II soon.

One thought on “How to Give a Good PreZENtation

  1. Great PreZENtation video!! I know the slide on what students will wear vs what they should wear is important but so sad it has to be addressed. I would maybe even add a slide on not answering a text message or phone call while giving a presentation. Yes, I have seen that happen in the high school ranks. Important information to share for students & ADULTS to keep in mind while preparing a presentation. I am sure this video will help a lot of people in planning a better presentation. Thanks!

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