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Effective Behaviors for Coaches Regardless of Athlete Gender

Is coaching boys and girls different?

I’m putting together a presentation on “Differences Coaching Boys and Girls: The Facts and the Myths”. Given my position as the Associate Director in The Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, without fail every time I give a coach or parent workshop, this question is raised– “What are the differences in coaching girls?”

I can’t summarize an entire hour presentation here, but I will tell you there are a set of evidence-based coaching behaviors every coach should employ regardless of the gender of the athlete.   Here are a few of those strategies:

•Develop skills
•Provide rationale for tasks & limits
•Inquire about & acknowledge feelings
•Allow as much choice as possible within limits

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"The Smartest Kid in Class"

I was sent this video by @DigitalMaxwell and I wanted to share it with you. It is called “The Smartest Kid in Class”. As I wind down the semester and am soon heading into final exams, I find this particularly relevant. And the moral of the story?… KNOW YOUR STUDENTS!

Caring enough to know your students and creating a learning climate in the classroom that makes each student feel heard, valued, and known is just good practice.  In a previous blog I outlined “The 3C’s”-care, competence and choice. These are 3 essential human needs, that when met lead to more self-determined forms of motivation and potentially a host of positive outcomes such as improved self-perceptions, enjoyment, health, well-being, intrinsic motivation, and sustained participation and effort….all things we should be striving to attain or facilitate in others.